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Some of my fondest memories and experiences involve food. I remember udon soup with hot pink sweet fish cake floating on top from my grandmother. The pride I felt the first time I successfully cracked an egg without breaking the yolk. I might have been 8. I found out that by making specific cuts down the length of a carrot, then slicing the carrot, you end up with little carrot crabs. These graced every bowl of soup at our house, only to be replaced by plates with a leaf of lettuce topped by a perfect scoop of cottage cheese and a halved canned peach. By the age of 10 I was happily preparing dinner for our family of 6 several nights a week, (and not only as a means to get out of doing the dishes, regardless of what my sister would tell you.)  

Fast forward to adulthood where every vacation plan revolves around the food I want to eat while I'm there. My tastes have gotten cleaner and more refined. My horizons have broadened. I've learned to appreciate the freshness and quality of the ingredients I use. I've also learned the greatest pleasure for me comes from sharing and teaching others to love food as well. Being able to teach my children to love food, to appreciate the nuances of flavor and the wide variety available to us has been so rewarding. Showing friends with food intolerances and allergies that by making clever substitutions, they can enjoy food again, has been humbling and inspiring. 

I want to share what I've learned and help others develop a healthy relationship with food. I want to remove the stress and fear and confusion with cooking and food selection and replace it with understanding and confidence. I want to facilitate the evolution of peoples relationship with food and their kitchens.